Blockage in Fox Trot's bladder

Fox Trot is a three year old Egyptian Mau who recently visited us because he was having trouble urinating. His owner had noticed that Fox Trot was uncomfortable in his abdomen and often straining when trying to toilet. An assessment of Fox Trot revealed his urethra had been blocked and a catheter tube was needed to be placed urgently to relieve this blockage.

Under anaesthesia, a small urinary catheter tube was passed into Fox Trot's bladder and in the process, the cause of the obstruction was revealed. Large crystal clumps were retrieved and, through analysing this material, appropriate treatment could be commenced to help eliminate these crystals from Fox Trot's urine.

Once Fox Trot's bladder was functioning appropriately and the risk of further obstruction had subsided, the urinary catheter tube was removed. Fortunately, Fox Trot has recovered well from this ordeal. Ongoing, he will need to be on a strict diet to help prevent the crystals returning, but from all reports so far, he is enjoying his new food!