Blitzem's habit of eating unusual things

Blitzem is a six year old Cornish Rex who visited us because he wasn't feeling well and was refusing to eat. He also has a history of eating things he shouldn't so when he became ill, his owners were naturally quite concerned. On examination, a firm, long abnormal structure could be felt in his abdomen. X-rays were taken and they confirmed that something foreign was lurking in his bowel.

Shortly after, Blitzem was taken to surgery where it was revealed that he had indeed eaten something he shouldn't have - a shoe lace to be exact! Fortunately, this had been discovered early enough that we were able to make a small incision into the affected area of bowel and remove the offending lace. Had it been discovered later, there is a good change that a section of Blitzem's bowel would have needed to be cut out and the remaining ends of bowel carefully stitched back together.

We are now pleased to report that Blitzem is happily eating and is recovering well.