Big Bruce's knee injury

Bruce is a six year old Bull Mastiff X who recently visited us having injured his knee. His owners had noticed he was occasionally limping and holding the affected hind leg up at times.

Upon examination, the knee felt thickened and Bruce resented attempts at manipulating the knee. Under general anaesthesia, x-rays were taken to evaluate the joint. Further palpation and manipulation suggested Bruce had damaged his cranial cruciate ligament, or anterior cruciate ligament, in his left knee.

Surgery was undertaken to explore the knee, with this confirming the damage to the ligament. Given Bruce’s large size, a procedure known as a triple tibial osteotomy (TTO) was done to neutralise the forces in the knee and eliminate the joints dependence on the cranial cruciate ligament for stability.

We are very pleased to report Bruce recovered quickly and comfortably from this surgery. He is already showing good use of the affected hind leg, and should no complications arise, we expect Bruce to regain full function of the affected knee in time.