Bessie's painful ordeal

Bessie is a beautiful 5 year old miniature Schnoodle (a Schnauzer cross Poodle). This combination usually results in a very appealing pup, and Bessie was no exception. Unfortunately while inheriting a decent dose of cuteness from her Schnauzer parent, she also inherited the tendency for this breed to develop bladder stones.

There are various reasons why bladder stones develop, including urinary tract infections. They start as little crystals which gradually grow into bigger stones.  When tiny, the stones can be passed in the urine.  As they get bigger there is a risk that they will jam in the urethra and block the passage of urine.  If they get too big to pass they just stay in the bladder and get bigger and bigger. This is what happened in Bessie’s case.  

Many dogs can go on for months without their owners noticing that there is a problem. But Bessie decided to go one step further; stones started to block her left ureter. That’s the little pipe that runs from her kidney to her bladder. Her left kidney became very sick – unable to drain urine and became infected. You can imagine that this was very painful. Bessie didn’t want to eat, she was very subdued and her life was at risk.

Emergency surgery to remove the dying kidney and several large bladder stones meant that Bessie could return to full health. Her right kidney is more than capable of looking after her blood filtering needs as long as it stays healthy.

Urinary tract stones can be very hazardous.  Let us know if you notice any increased frequency of urination, or any blood in your pet’s urine.

Well done Bessie! You were very brave throughout your ordeal!