Bee tumbles down the stairs

Poor Bee! At just 10 weeks old she took a tumble down some stairs and broke her foot. That's what can happen when you chase the cat! Bee's owners knew something was pretty serious and brought her into the clinic straight away. On examining little Bee, we were pleased to see she had suffered no other injuries, apart from a very sore foot.

After some pain relief, x-rays of Bee's foot were taken. The x-rays showed transverse fractures of all four of the metacarpal bones in her right foot. (The metacarpals are the long bones between the wrist and the knuckles.) If just one or two metacarpal bones are broken most patients can be managed successfully with a splint. Bee is at an advantage, her young bones can heal much quicker too. However, with all four bones affected, a splint or cast won't provide enough stability for healing. There is a high risk of "non-union" of the fractures. In such cases, surgical repair is best.

Under general anaesthetic we placed a small metal pin (an intramedullary pin) into each of the four broken bones. Bee's procedure went well, with good stability and correction of the fractures achieved. A bandage was applied to protect the foot further, as she is a very active little girl and even a broken foot hasn't slowed her down much. This will need careful management over the coming weeks as the bones heal. All going well we expect a speedy recovery for Bee. We will assess the bone healing with further x-rays after a month. Once the bones have repaired sufficiently, the pins will be removed and Bee can run amuck again. Let's hope she leaves the cats alone though!