Ball game was no fun for Buddy

Poor Buddy, who would have thought his daily frolic in the park with his favourite ball would nearly cost him his life? Buddy was rushed into the clinic on a Monday night. He was in severe respiratory distress, salivating profusely and starting to go blue. Somehow Buddy had managed to wedge his fairly large rubber ball neatly and tightly at the back of his throat! This resulted in the blockage of his swallowing ability (hence the excessive saliva pouring from his mouth) and cutting off his airway.

As you can imagine, Buddy was a very distressed boy so the Blackburn Vet Centre Health Care team sprung straight into action. A fast acting anaesthetic agent was used to anaesthetise Buddy. It was a real challenge but the tightly wedged ball was eventually retrieved from his throat. Oxygen therapy, pain relief medication and drugs to dry up his saliva were quickly implemented. Gradually Buddy regained consciousness and must have felt relieved to be able to breathe and swallow freely again.

Good work to Buddy's parents who recognized the serious threat to their beloved boy and sought immediate veterinary attention. We saw Buddy yesterday and he is doing really well!