A surprise arrival for 'Pancakes' the Lopped Ear Rabbit

Meet Pancakes, a 12 month old lopped ear bunny who presented at the clinic one morning with three new babies. Her owner was very surprised as they now had an "instant family" (much to the delight of their daughter!) Pancakes had been very busy indeed. She had dug out some weeks ago and visited her next door neighbour, Mr Big Ears,  the neighbour's undesexed male rabbit.

A lot of people don't realise but rabbits can be desexed like cats and dogs, and if you are not planning to breed from your pet, desexing is strongly recommended. It ensures a calm temperament and reduces the likelihood of some serious diseases.

Rabbits are usually desexed from 4-6 months of age. The main reason for desexing female rabbits is the prevention of the uterine cancer (it's reported that 60-80% of rabbits may develop uterine cancer if left entire/ undesexed).